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The Ultimate Guide: Tips to Hire Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony in Los Angeles in 2021.

The Ultimate Guide: Tips to Hire Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony in Los Angeles in 2021.

Before we get into the details – a heart full of congratulations for getting married soon. Things are soon to get really hectic when you start to plan everything out. From selecting the venue to deciding the menu for the dinner party, there are plenty of things that you have to take care of.  However, amidst all the arrangements, you can’t afford to miss out on music at your wedding. Live music is a key part of your wedding. Therefore, you can contact musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles. 

If you are looking forward to living similar magical moments as your sister had at her wedding, you have to musicians at your party. In other words, you and your partner can create magical moments that you can remember for the rest of your lives. To have such an experience on your wedding day, you have to invite musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Whenever you look for “wedding musicians” online, you will find numerous musicians. However, not everyone will play the type of music you want at your party. In other words, it’s a difficult task to hire the right musicians for your wedding party. To help you out, we have brought this article for you. Just like the other couples we have helped before, we can help you too. 

In this guide, we offer to couples at different stages of booking musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles. So, let’s get started. 

Start Your Planning, But Where to start?

When you discuss having music at your wedding with someone, they will suggest you many things. They might tell you to hire DJs for the night party or go for a live band. Thus, they will only make you even more confused about which one to choose. When you are this confused, then you read the following section to find an answer. 

Should you hire live musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles?

 Well, the taste of music differs from person to person. Some people might be into watching musicians performing live, while others are not. If you are into music, you will like live performers at your wedding party. More specifically, you will love their performance. 

However, if you have a strict budget, live performances might not be on your preparation list. But do you think your wedding will remain memorable for you without music? Well, you should give it a thought. If you are so tight on budget, you can hire just a guitarist, not a group. Hiring a solo guitarist can be budget-friendly advice for you. 

But if you are still unsure about inviting musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles, consider the following points:

 1. Have you ever attended a wedding where they had live performers?

With all the weddings going on around, you must have been to at least one or two weddings. Can you recall a wedding that had live musicians performing? If you can, you can also recall the magical moments that were created at the wedding. To have the same mesmerizing experience on your special day, you need musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles.

2. Talk to more people: Ask their opinion about live performers at your wedding.

Even if you have asked about it earlier, you can still ask different people about their opinion of live performers. This way you will get to know whether inviting musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles is a good decision or not. If they are happy to hear that, then you can go with a “Yes” from them. It has been seen that only a small fraction of people dislike having live music at their wedding

3. Songs to be played at Your Wedding:

Once you are done with deciding that you are inviting musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles, it’s time to select the songs you want at your party. You must want the ceremony very special and romantic. Wedding musicians can make that happen for you. Whether it’s the song for the bride’s entry or song for the leaving ceremony, musicians can make every ritual special and memorable. In simple words, live background music can make the day unforgettable till the day you breathe. 

Other than that, they can be best for the entertainment for your guests as well. Of course, you have to think about them as well. They are the ones who came to your party to be with you on the special day. Also, with live performers, your guests can request any specific song to play. 

Therefore, when you select the musicians for the ceremony in Los Angeles, you have to consider every factor. Also, you conduct interviews and go through their reviews. A good group of musicians, like Rustic Canyon Music’s, can offer you a lot of things that you dream of while hiring them. To make things easier, we have listed some feedbacks from their old clients below. You can feel free to go through it. 

Reviews about Rustic Canyon Music:

  1. “Our anniversary dinner was just perfect! Jory was not only prompt but early! He was incredibly talented; he played along with my surprise for my husband without being cheesy. We loved his selection and overall presentation. Thank you!”
  1. “We could not have been happier with Jory’s performance at our wedding. He was just what we wanted. His music made our wedding just that much more wonderful. I would recommend him ANY TIME to anyone. Thank you and Thank you, Jory.”
  1. “My husband and I got married in our back yard and Jory played from the pre-reception time, into our ceremony (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”), through cocktail hour into dinner.  His music was eclectic, beautiful, just the right ebb and flow of upbeat and slow.  Jory was completely reliable; brought all his own equipment/set up before the guests arrived, charged a very reasonable rate, and made a significant contribution to the beauty of our day.  And he’s a really sweet guy!”

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