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5 Things You Need To Have In Your Mind While Searching For Wedding Musicians

5 Things You Need To Have In Your Mind While Searching For Wedding Musicians

When you are counting days to your wedding, things all around must get really hectic. You and your partners must be busy planning everything for the most special event of your life. From selecting the venue to booking the wedding musicians, you have to look into every detail and plan out. While planning out, there are so many things that you have to keep in mind. However, you can easily plan out everything with a wedding planner. Wedding planners can help you with everything but the wedding musicians. Do you know why? This is because they are not familiar with your taste in music. In other words, they might not arrange the same kind of music you want to have at the party.  So, you should arrange musicians yourself by searching for “wedding musicians near me”.

Music is a must thing at weddings. In other words, weddings can get really boring without entertainment. Just not for your entertainment, you have to look out for your guests as well. After all, they have some from faraway places to be next to you on your special day. For that, what can be best other than wedding musicians performing live at your wedding? Live performers can make your special day even more special and mesmerizing. Even for the guests, they can be the best entertainers. 

But how are you going to book a wedding band for your wedding? You can start off by searching “wedding musicians near me” on Google. You will surely end up finding numerous wedding performers. But the difficult task begins now – select the right wedding band for your wedding.

With all hundreds of live wedding performing bands available in the market, it can be confusing to select one. Asking around for suggestions might not be the only reliable option. Someone will suggest you to select this band, while others will tell you to select that band. Thus, you will only end up getting even more confused about selecting the right band. 

To select the ideal band while searching for “wedding musicians near me”, you have to consider certain things. Here are some of those things mentioned below.

1. Search “wedding musicians near me” on the internet:

When you search “wedding musicians near me”, you will surely find several bands. Most of these bands will claim to have years of experience in performing at weddings. However, you can’t entirely trust them. In other words, the internet can mislead you. Just a beautiful website with studio recordings doesn’t mean they can perform live at weddings. Also, just because they aren’t on social media doesn’t mean they won’t be the one. Therefore, you have to research yourself and find the perfect band for your special day. 

2. Ask recommendation:

Asking recommendations from anyone can surely be misleading. Instead of asking anyone, you should ask someone who had invited live performers at their weddings. In other words, you can ask someone trustworthy, who will not make you confused even more. Also, if you have attended a wedding that had live performers, you can also think of calling them. Otherwise, you can at least ask the couple if they would like to recommend that wedding band. 

3. Shortlist a few bands:

After doing some research and consulting others, you might have ended with a fewer number of bands. In other words, you can now be shortlisting the wedding performers, who you find better and more reliable. Also, you can think of attending their live performances to be more confident about your decision. Live shows can let you understand whether the band can be trusted to make your day memorable for you and your guests. 

4. Conduct an Interview:

This is another thing you can think of doing while searching for “wedding musicians near me”.  It means you can conduct an interview with the musicians. After all, you are hiring them to make your day even more special. What if they are not able to deliver the performance you want? What if they are new in this industry? You definitely don’t want to think about these things after booking the wedding band. Therefore, it’s better to sit down with them and conduct a question-and-answer session. If not that, you can even conduct an interview over the call. 

While interacting with the musicians, you can think about asking the following questions. 

  • Do you have any prior experience of performing live at weddings?
  • How many weddings have you earlier performed at?
  • Do I need to provide the musical instrument to you at the party?
  • Can you suggest three songs that you can play while the bride walks down the aisle?
  • To perform at my venue, you need insurance and PAT certificates. Do you have them?
  • Do you need anything specific at my venue?
  • How much do you need to perform live at the wedding?
  • Do we need to sign a contract?
  • How long will you play for?
  • How will you reach the venue?
  • What happens if someone from your musicians falls sick on the day?
5. Rating and reviews:

Along with conducting the interview session, you can view their rating and reviews on their website. These things will further help you make up your mind. In other words, these things will help select the right band among the short-listed musical bands for your wedding party. If a musical band’s website has reviews like the following, you can think of going with them. 

  • “Our anniversary dinner was just perfect! Jory was not only prompt but early! He was incredibly talented; he played along with my surprise for my husband without being cheesy. We loved his selection and overall presentation. Thank you!”
  • “We could not have been happier with Jory’s performance at our wedding. He was just what we wanted. His music made our wedding just that much more wonderful. I would recommend him ANY TIME to anyone. Thank you and Thank you, Jory.”
  • “My husband and I got married in our back yard and Jory played from the pre-reception time, into our ceremony (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”), through cocktail hour into dinner.  His music was eclectic, beautiful, just the right ebb and flow of upbeat and slow.  Jory was completely reliable; brought all his own equipment/set up before the guests arrived, charged a very reasonable rate, and made a significant contribution to the beauty of our day.  And he’s a really sweet guy!”

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