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Thinking Of Hiring A Solo Musician For Your Wedding? Search For “Wedding Guitarist Near Me”.

Thinking Of Hiring A Solo Musician For Your Wedding? Search For “Wedding Guitarist Near Me”.

Are you already thinking about hiring solo musicians for your wedding? Well, there are many reasons for which your decision is right. It can be because you want more dynamic entertainment for the guests. Or, it can be because you want to create sweet memories to cherish lifelong. So, it is natural that you think about hiring them for your big day. Whether it is, solo musicians can make the party an unforgettable experience for everyone at the party. That’s enough to make you search for “wedding guitarist near me” or “wedding pianist near me” on the internet.

Even if you are not thinking of having some musicians at your wedding party, you should start thinking about it. Do you really think you can have a good and fun wedding without some music at the party? No matter what community you belong to, what language you speak, where you live, music has always been the soul of wedding parties. However, if you are thinking of skipping it because of the tight budget, you can simply hire solo musicians. It can be a solo guitarist, a solo saxophonist, or a solo pianist. However, it is better to hire a solo wedding guitarist. Why is it so? Find the answer below.

Why should you hire a solo wedding guitarist, not a pianist or cellist?

Well, when you think of hiring a solo musician for your wedding, you will definitely look forward to listening to some beautiful songs on the day. Don’t you? In simple words, it is natural to think about songs when you plan to hire a musician for the party. You need a musician who can both play and sing at the party and create an amazing ambiance. This is exactly why you can think of hiring pianists, saxophonists, or cellists. However, you can then think of having a wedding guitarist at your wedding party. 

Unlike solo saxophonists or solo violinists, solo guitarists are often good vocalists. This talent makes them even good wedding singers. So, if you want some beautiful song being sung in the background while you walk down the aisle, you need a singing guitarist. When you hire a wedding singing guitarist, you can create sweet memories of every wedding ritual. 

Just imagine: “Darlin’ darlin’ stand by me, ooh stand by me Oh stand/Stand stand by me C’mon stand by me stand by me”, reaching your ears as you walk down the aisle. 

Or, imagine: some faint lyrics “This magic moment/So different and so new/Was like any other/Until I kissed you” in the background as you take your vows as husband and wife. 

On top of that, classical guitarists are perfect for some soft, romantic ambiance for the wedding party. Plus, your guests will also enjoy some live entertainment at your party, which is rare at parties. In other words, singing guitarists will also be a treat to watch for the guests. 

So, don’t you think hiring a wedding guitarist for your wedding is the right decision? Of course, it is. Nothing other than a live-performing wedding guitarist can offer you the service. 

How can you find the right wedding guitarist for your big day?

1. Ratings or Reviews: 

To find the right wedding guitarist for your party, you have to do the research yourself. You can simply search “wedding guitarist near me” on a search engine. When you search “wedding guitarist near me” on Google, you will find numerous wedding guitarists who can sing as well. So, how will you find the right one from those performers? You can do that by looking at the feedback provided by their old clients. You can visit their websites or third-party websites and find their reviews. This will help you determine which wedding guitarist will be perfect for your event. In other words, you will understand whether their earlier customers recommend them to others or not. 

For example, if you refer to the review section of Rustic Canyon Music, then you will find some feedback like:

  • “We could not have been happier with Jory’s performance at our wedding. He was just what we wanted. His music made our wedding just that much more wonderful. I would recommend him ANY TIME to anyone. Thank you and Thank you, Jory.”
  • “My husband and I got married in our back yard and Jory played from the pre-reception time, into our ceremony (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”), through cocktail hour into dinner. His music was eclectic, beautiful, just the right ebb and flow of upbeat and slow. Jory was completely reliable, brought all his own equipment/set up before the guests arrived, charged a very reasonable rate, and made a significant contribution to the beauty of our day. And he’s a really sweet guy!”
2. Conduct a Small Interview Session:

Other than referring to the reviews or ratings, you can think of conducting a small interview session. When you search “wedding guitarist near me”, you will find their contact details to reach out to them. You can easily call up and book an appointment with them. Then when you meet up with the solo artists, you can think of asking some questions casually. However, don’t make things too formal. After all, you are planning to have some fun time together, right? We have listed a few questions to help you out. So, you can think of asking them the following question like the following:

  • What are your favorite songs to perform?
  • What’s your playlist? Will you work with us on the song list?
  • How many hours are included and what are your costs? Are there overtime fees?
  • Do you perform at more than one event a day?
  • Do you have any specialty or a specific type of song you can play?
  • Do you provide ceremony and cocktail hour music?
  • How many breaks will you take?
  • What type of wardrobe do you wear to perform?

As they answer your questions, things will start becoming clear to you. In other words, you can clearly judge which guitarist will be perfect for your wedding party. So, instead of wasting much time, start your research to find the right wedding guitarist

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