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Is It Your Girlfriend’s Party Soon? Hire A Jazz Band For Her Surprised Birthday Party.

Is It Your Girlfriend’s Party Soon? Hire A Jazz Band For Her Surprised Birthday Party.

We all know that women love surprises, just as much they like receiving gifts. So, what can be a better occasion than her birthday party to surprise her? If you also want to make your girl’s birthday awesome, you can plan a couple of surprises for her. Just ordering a cake and inviting her friends over are very common things for a surprise party. You might have already done it last year. So, you should think about something different. What about having live performers at the party? Don’t you think it will completely surprise your girlfriend? Just think about how surprised she will be on seeing them. To see that surprised look on her face, you can just hire a jazz band. 

Before you start planning for the party, you have to select the venue fast. You have to decide whether you are going for a bar, a restaurant, or your backyard for the party. Then you can start off planning for the next things. From ordering cake to decorating the place, it’s your call now. Also, you have to make a list of her friends and family to invite to the party. You can also think about inviting her long, lost friends. It can surely take the level of the surprise event to the next level. In other words, you can create a memorable birthday party for her. 

However, while planning all these, you can’t forget to hire a jazz band. After all, you will be having jazz musicians performing live at the party. Who does love to watch and listen to live music? Your girlfriend will definitely like the surprise. Just not her, even the guests of the party will love the idea of live performers at your party. That’s why it won’t be a bad idea to invite live musicians. So, you can hire a jazz band as per your need. 

If you are still confused to hire a jazz band, you can read the following points to be clearer. So, let’s get started.

1. Play your girlfriend’s favorite track:

When you plan to hire a jazz band, you must a few songs in your mind that your girlfriend loves. Of course, she will love to see musicians performing her favorite songs live. So, you can provide a list of her favorite songs to the live performers. You can just discuss with them and ask them to play. They will make sure that they deliver the best performance and make the day even more special for your girlfriend. 

2. Interact with the guests at the party:

Live performers are always a good choice if we talk about the guests’ entertainment. This is because live performers interact with their audience. Proper interaction will make sure that your guests don’t feel left out. The band members will make sure to involve the guests with themselves during the performances. 

4. Offer a unique experience:

Your girlfriend must have been a part of a surprise event before. So, she might have certain expectations from you. So, you have to plan something unique to make her happy. Therefore, searching for live jazz performers can be a great choice. They can create an amazing ambiance and unique experience for everyone at the party. In other words, they will ensure that your party doesn’t seem like any other party. For that, you need experienced musicians like Rustic Canyon Music’s. They have experienced musicians to make every party one of a kind. 

5. Bring up the energy level on the dance floor:

When you are planning a birthday party, dancing can’t be out of the chapter. You have to include dancing numbers within your song list. High-beat tracks and the trendiest music can surely take everyone out there to the dance floor. When the live performers start these high-beat songs, people get up from their seats and move their bodies with beats. So, it is totally worth searching for “hire a jazz band”. 

However, when you search for “hire a jazz band” on the search engine, you will find several bands. Every jazz band will have something to offer you. They will also claim to have years of experience performing live at events. But how do you select the right one for your surprise event? There are a few things that you should consider while selecting the jazz band. We have listed them below. 

1. Conduct a Q-and-A session:

You can conduct small interview sessions with the bands that you liked. Asking a few questions will help you choose the right band for your special occasion. 

2. Reviews or Ratings: 

This is another way you can find the right band. You can just visit their website and check out their ratings or reviews. This will let you understand whether their old clients recommend them or not. 

We have mentioned some feedbacks from old clients of Rustic Canyon Music’s. You can just go through it to understand what exactly you should look for. 

Reviews about Rustic Canyon Music’s musicians:
  • “We hired Jory for an outdoor 70th birthday party and everyone enjoyed the beautiful sounds of classical guitar. It was perfect for our event! Jory played music from James Taylor to Eric Clapton to Happy Birthday at the end of the night. Jory was so easy to work with and called to check-in and even let me know when he was caught in a bit of traffic the night of the event, but it didn’t push the timing back much and he just came in quietly and started playing. Such an easy addition to any gathering. Can’t wait to book again.”
  • “Jory did an amazing job for my husband’s fortieth birthday party. His song list was perfect for the occasion and his arrangements are beautiful with each song flowing nicely into the next. Jory was so nice to also include a copy of one of his CDs as a gift for my husband. Every one of our 25 guests commented on how they truly enjoyed listening to Jory. Thank you so much for helping to make our event even more special!”

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