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How Can Live Bands Make Your Wedding Party Even More Lively, While Sticking To Your Budget?

How Can Live Bands Make Your Wedding Party Even More Lively, While Sticking To Your Budget?

Your wedding – will probably be the most important event of your life. It will be the most special day for you and your partner. After all, you guys will take the vows and become official partners for life-long. Since the proposal, you guys must be constantly thinking about the things you need to have at your party. It is not possible that you haven’t thought about having live bands at your wedding. You surely have seen live jazz bands performing at weddings before. This has made you think about having them at your wedding party too. Moreover, having live bands performing at your wedding party will only make everything memorable. 

However, if you have a strict budget, inviting musicians might not make it to your preparation list. You might be planning for the decoration or the food and drinks for the dinner party. But don’t you think the entire event might turn into a conference without some entertainment. Even if you don’t think so, your guests will get this feeling. The only way you can do to avoid having a boring ambiance is by inviting live bands to perform. However, if you feel inviting them can’t fit your budget, you are highly mistaken. You can just go for the live jazz bands that you find reasonable. 

To help you find the right and affordable performers for your special day, we have listed some tips below. 

1. Consider Your Venue:

While planning your wedding, the first thing that you have to do is to select the venue. After selecting that, you can start preparing for the rest of the things. Also, you have to think about hiring the live bands on the basis of your venue. Otherwise, you can think of selecting the performer first and go for the venue that will suit him. However, if you have a tight budget, you have to select the venue first. 

Another factor, that can change your decision of inviting the live musicians, is that their equipment. Since the live jazz bands will perform live at your wedding, they might bring several musical instruments. After all, they need all those equipment to perform live. In other words, they will need space, i.e., a larger venue, to keep that equipment. However, you won’t have to deal with this problem if you invite smaller live band groups. Experienced live bands know how to adjust within a smaller space and perform to suit the venue. So, your limited budget will not be an issue in that case. 

2. Choose The Kind of Music You Like:

When you think about having live bands at your wedding, you must have some songs in your mind. Also, you can ask your partner about their song preference for the special day. After all, you are thinking of having them at your party, despite your small budget. So, both of you must plan to get the most out of the live performers. In other words, you must ensure that the live musicians make every moment even more special. 

However, if you feel confused about selecting the songs, you can think to leave them to the musicians. Live performers are well-trained musicians, who have years of experience in wedding parties like yours. In other words, they have the knowledge to play according to the need of the situation. Simply speaking, they can play specific songs during different ceremonies. For example, a song for the bride’s entry, another song as she walks down the aisle, etc. 

However, if you plan to select the song yourself, you can think about the following songs. These songs are perfect to be played to feel like the lead protagonists on your special day.  

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart
  • Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
  • Make You Feel My Love – Adele
  • At Last – Etta James
  • Count On Me – Bruno Mars
  • Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  • A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  • Juice – Lizzo
  • This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

3. Include More Entertainment Gigs:

Well, there is nothing that can be a good replacement for music. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan anything else along with the music. If your budget allows you, you can plan more entertaining gigs for the wedding party. Like, you can think about some stand-up comedy acts or quick and light-hearted play. With all these funny acts, you can make sure that your guests aren’t bored at your wedding.

Furthermore, if you hire good live performers, you can relax and attend your wedding at peace. In other words, you won’t have to worry about the entertainment of the guests. The performers will make sure that your guests remember your party for years. However, when live bands perform in front of the guest, your wedding will become the talk of the town, at least among your guests. 

4. Search for The Perfect Band for Your Wedding:

When you think about live bands performing at your wedding, what comes to your mind first? Do you imagine your bride entering the venue with a light and soft jazz number played in the background? Imagining that can surely make you feel like inviting musicians to your party. The easiest way to find them is by searching “live bands” on Google. However, when you will do that, you end up finding several numbers musicians. So, how are you going to select the right one for your ceremony?

 The best way to select them is to interview them and enquire about the things you want to know. You can ask them about their experience in performing live at wedding parties. Also, you can ask about their opinions about the songs to be played at the wedding. In addition to that, you can visit their webpage and go through their reviews. In that way, you can find if their old clients were happy with their performance. Other than that, you will also get to know whether they recommend them to others or not. then you can decide what you have to do – whether to go with them or not. 

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