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Don’t Have A Budget For Hiring Live Bands For Your Wedding? Hire Solo Musicians Instead.

Don’t Have A Budget For Hiring Live Bands For Your Wedding? Hire Solo Musicians Instead.

Sure, weddings are meant to be the best day of the couple’s lives. People do everything that they can afford to make the day the most memorable for not just themselves, but everyone. After all, these are the memories that you will cherish all your life, till the day you die. However, to create sweet memories, you have to put in a lot of effort. Not just efforts, you might have to invest in a bit of money. But this bit of money might not be just a bit for you. In other words, you have a tight budget for your wedding. But you still want everyone to have sweet and beautiful memories. Due to your tight budget, you might have to cut down a lot of things. However, there is a thing that you can’t forget about having at your wedding party. It is music. Hiring a group of live performers might seem costly to you. Then you can think of hiring solo musicians for the special day. 

If you think hard, you will find there is no reason you can’t hire solo musicians. Whether you a beautiful and soulful ambiance or some dynamic entertainment for the guests, you can totally go for solo artists. Also, if you want to keep things intimate for the ceremony, solo performers are the best option. You can just hire a professional musician like a solo guitarist, or a solo violinist. They can single-handedly deliver the entertainment you want at your wedding party. Other than that, if you want someone specifically for the dance floor, you can hire a solo percussionist. In short, not just live bands, but also solo musicians can deliver extraordinary performances and make the event grander. Above everything, they are super affordable. 

Sure, there can’t be anything like live performing bands for weddings. However, solo performers offer nothing less. They also perform live and as per the need of the session, while fitting into your budget perfectly. Don’t you want that? 

Likewise, there are many reasons to hire solo musicians for the most special day of yours. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why you shouldn’t think too much about hiring them. So, let’s get started. 

Some of the reasons of hiring solo musicians are cheaper are as follows:

As you have landed on this page to get an idea about hiring solo musicians, we will now start our discussion. In the above party, we have already discussed that hiring solo performers costs much less than hiring a band of 3 to 4 members. Since you have a tight budget, solo performers can be bliss in disguise. So, we have below mentioned the things that will determine the cost of hiring solo performers. 

1. Types of Solo Musicians:

Well, there are different kinds of musicians with their own specific rates. There is not a thing called fixed rate. The rates of hiring them may vary greatly. The main reason for the variation is their expertise and experience. Another thing that might have some contribution to their rates is the instrument they play. For example, classical musicians charge a little bit higher than others. It is because of their training and for bringing their special instruments to your wedding venue. However, they can still be cheaper than live performing jazz bands of 3 to 4 members. So, you should stick to the plan of hiring solo musicians.

2. Preparation and Requests:

Every live performer of a group or solo has to prepare himself before the performance. Though they perform quite often, they still need to prepare themselves before every performance. After all, their sole goal is to provide the utmost entertainment to the audience. Other than that, when they are invited to weddings, they are sometimes requested to perform songs of their clients’ choice. This needs preparation, i.e., they need to practice it dedicatedly to perform well at the event. This factor also affects the cost of hiring them. So, you should call up the solo musicians and discuss everything with them. 

3. Skill and Experience:

The skills and experience of the solo musicians is another factor that can affect their charges. To offer the ultimate performance and entertainment at your party, you need talented and skilled people. The more talented and skilled they are, the more they charge. However, the money is totally worth it when you see everyone at the party enjoying it. However, that amount will be the least amount you will be spending to have a live performance at your wedding. So, you should start thinking about hiring solo musicians. Rather, you should start searching for them. 

4. Soul of the Party:

Live performers can be the center of attraction of the party, other than the main couple. Different weddings need different entertainment packages. However, choosing solo performers will remain the best choice for any budget-friendly wedding. If you think of hiring solo musicians for your wedding, then you no more have to worry about the entertainment of the party. Whether it is you and your partner or your guests, everyone can have fun at the party. In addition to that, the solo performers charge as per the venue and the number of guests at the wedding party. The greater number of people they have to entertain, the more they charge. However, it will still be way lesser than the charge of a live performing band. 

5. Time and Duration of the Party:

Another factor that affects the charge of hiring solo musicians is the time of the event and how long you want them at your party. The more time they have to spend there, the more they will charge. It is quite obvious, right? Also, long performances might cost you higher. No matter how much they charge for their performance, it will still be lesser than any musical band’s. So, you have to discuss this with the musician you hire for the day. 

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