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4 Ways A Live Wedding Band Will Make Sure Everybody Dances At Your Wedding Party in Santa Monica.

4 Ways A Live Wedding Band Will Make Sure Everybody Dances At Your Wedding Party in Santa Monica.

What can be better than the beautiful beach city Santa Monica for your wedding? Whether you are a local native or planning to have a small beach wedding from a nearby location, Santa Monica can be the best choice. There is absolutely no doubt that beach weddings are super fun and beautiful. The couple and even the guests can have a blast at the wedding party. For that, you have to prepare a lot of things. It can be the lighting and decoration of the beach venue, food, or inviting a live wedding band in Santa Monica. In short, you have to look in every detail to have a grand beach wedding in Santa Monica. 

Sure, the decoration of the venue and the food served are really important. However, to make your wedding party memorable for everyone, you need some great music at the party. Without music, a party can never be enjoyable for anyone present at the party. More specifically, if you can organize live-performing wedding musicians, you will have an unforgettable wedding, even for your guests. 

However, if you are still finding it hard to decide whether to hire a live wedding band in Santa Monica, you can continue reading this article. By the time you finish reading this article, we are hopeful that you will be able to decide whether you need to hire them at your party or not. 

So, let’s get started!

Which guests are more likely to enjoy moving their bodies on the songs?

Well, you are right! The young adults will be the guests who will love to get to the dancing section. The ages ranging from 18 to 35 are more likely to enjoy every bit of your musical wedding party. They won’t be like the older guests, feeling awkward to move their bodies on the song beats. So, whether it is Ed Sheeran or Lady Gaga, the guests of the younger generation will enjoy being at your wedding party.

That’s why you should think about inviting a live wedding band for your wedding party in Santa Monica. A good live wedding band in Santa Monica can create the ambiance that you want for your party. If you want to hire a good live performing wedding band for your special day, you can hire them from Rustic Canyon Music. Rustic Canyon Music has trained and skilled musicians who have years of experience performing at wedding parties. Whether you have a high-spirited rock-n-roll party or soft romantic night, you can rely on their wedding musicians

How to make the shy, not-so-comfortable guests enjoy being at your wedding party?

Weddings are generally packed up with people of various generations. They are either of the older generation or the younger generation. As their ages vary, their preference for entertainment also varies. Older guests will be less reluctant to get up from their seats and dance with others. Also, you might have shy guests from the younger generation as well. They won’t be comfortable dancing with others. This is when proficient wedding musicians can help you out. However, there are chances that they might not make them join others dancing to their music.

 Whether the older people are your relatives, your neighbors, or your colleagues, you have to look out for their enjoyment as well. You can ask the live wedding band at your wedding in Santa Monica to play something different for them as well. Even if they don’t join others in the dance section, they can still enjoy it, tapping their feet and clapping their hands. 

Time to Groove and Rock-n-Roll:

If you hire a live wedding band from Rustic Canyon Music, you won’t have to worry about song selection. Whether you want high-energy numbers for high-spirited dance or soft melodies for romantic dance, you can just leave it to the live wedding band in Santa Monica. They have performed at more weddings than you have attended in your entire life. In simple words, they have years of experience to offer you exactly what you want at the party. 

However, if you really wish to have some of your recommended songs played at the party, you refer to the following song lists. We have listed some of the great dance numbers for both high-energy nightclub feel and soft-romantic dance. You can choose whichever you want at the party. 

High-spirited dance numbers:
  • On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
  • I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
  • Low – Flo Rida
  • Like A G6 – Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs, Dev
  • Tik Tok – Ke$ha
  • Memories – David Guetta feat. KidCudi
  • Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera
  • Poker Face – Lady Gaga
  • Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
Soft and Romantic Melodies:
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  • You’re Still The One – Shania Twain
  • I Was Made For Loving You – Tori Kelly feat. Ed Sheeran
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love With Love – Haley Reinhart
  • You’re My Best Friend – Don Williams
  • Make You Feel My Love – Adele
  • You Are The Reason – Calum Scott
  • Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons
Interaction with Audience 

Nothing can beat the impact of interaction with the audience. It is one of the most important things that a live wedding band can offer. Interacting with the audience can make sure whether the guests are enjoying the party or not. In addition to that, they will understand the vibe of the party and perform accordingly to entertain the guests. 

Also, you can think of having a group dance. In that way, you can even bring shy, younger guests to the dancing section. This way it will be hard for them to remain seated and ignore you. You can even bring the elderly into the group dance if they are strong enough to dance.

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